iPhone 5

Currently the latest offering on the market from Apple, the iPhone 5 has a lot to offer users. As with each of its predecessors, the iPhone 5 boasts a faster processor chip along with ultra fast wireless technology. It also has the slimmest and most lightweight design out of all the different iPhone models to date, coming in at a mere 7.6 millimeters thick. A nano SIM card had to be especially created for this particular model which is 44% smaller than a micro SIM card.

Scheduled Release Date for the iPhone 5

While the release date for this particular iPhone was set for September 21st, 2012 in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Japan, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore and Hong Kong, Apple had already begun to accept pre-orders for the iPhone 5 from September 14th. Customers who purchase this phone can also look forward to having a 4 inch Retina display coupled with the all-new A6 processor chip which means that images as well as graphics appear clearer and sharper than ever before. The built-in iSight camera ensures that you can snap standard as well as panorama shots.

Ultra Fast Wireless Technology

The iPhone 5’s wireless capabilities make for uninterrupted and ultra fast internet browsing and downloading capabilities. Although the release date for the iPhone 5 may have already come and gone, more and more people are realizing just how incredible this phone really is. Its iOS 6 operating system is by far the most advanced mobile operating system in the world. Music addicts will also be pleased to know that the headphones have been re-designed in order to fit more comfortably while also sounding better than ever before.

With all of the improvements that have been made to the latest offering from Apple, it is no wonder that this has fast become one of the most popular Smartphone devices on the technology market since its release.

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